Our Beginnings

We are often asked how Frank's Trailer Works came to be. Frank Yensan started  FTW  as a backyard hobby. It quickly blossomed into a business in 2009 due to a nostalgic Longing for a time when America built things to last and strong love for travel. it was a very  natural transition to begin restoring travel trailers. A strong background in the construction trades, high-end cabinetmaking, and a Master of Fine Arts in sculpture, FTW brings the necessary skills to  restore Aluminum trailers from the ground up.

Our Mission

We strive to make old trailers brand new again at the best possible price for our customers. All of our customers come to us with a vision of what they want their trailer to be in the end. We make those visions a reality. Though our main focus is on restoration, we do custom work in any style the vision dictates. At FTW we firmly believe that anything within reason, is a possibility. Sometimes, things unreasonable are possible if that is the customer's vision.